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Sunshine Coast Council and We Ride Australia are delighted to deliver the RideScore Active Schools Program in partnership.

Sunshine Coast Council

RideScore encourages school students to be more physically active and healthy by riding their bikes or scooters to and from school. By encouraging more students to utilise active transport, RideScore also helps to reduce traffic and congestion around schools…

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We Ride Australia

In addition to boosting healthy, active travel to school by Aussie school kids, RideScore will assist local governments understand the infrastructure needs in their local communities and help guide community infrastructure improvements, measure reductions in carbon emissions and increase school-related road safety through a reduction in traffic around schools.

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RideScore is proudly supported by the following organisations

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The Australian Government

The Australian Government supported the initiative with an investment of $224,558 as part of its national Move It AUS – Participation Grant Program.

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Move It AUS Grant Programs


University of Canberra

We would also like to thank the following suppliers who have supported the RideScore program.

Bli Bli Aqua Park