2022 Program launched


2022 Program launched

We're excited to announce that Ridescore has kicked off for 2022 with 9 schools on the Sunshine Coast.

The RideScore Active Schools Program, jointly developed by the Sunshine Coast Council and We Ride Australia, will significantly boost the numbers of children riding and scooting to school.

With over 1200 already enrolled, we are delighted by the interest from children and parents alike.

We are already getting feedback from children that they love the rewards and seeing their name on the leadership board, with parents reporting increased confidence in allowing their children to ride and scoot along with excitement that they are getting so much time back in their day.

The Australian Government is a major supporter of the Sunshine Coast Council and We Ride Australia initiative through the Move It AUS – Participation Program. The RideScore Active Schools program is also supported by the Queensland Government and Stockland Communities.  The University of Canberra’s Health Research Institute is a partner and will undertake evaluation and data analysis as the program unfolds. To discuss RideScore with us or simply to request more details please Contact Us .